Website Design Comps

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Home Page

Order Page


Week 6

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Examples of Traditional Navigation Styles:

Column based

Dynamic Drop Down menu

Basic Graphic

CSS-driven text

Breadcrumb text


Final Project Proposals

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My first thought would be to make a website for a baking company my mom wants to start. The name has changed a few times so I’ll have to ask her for the current rendition. I can take photos when she’s experimenting with new recipes and also from stock image sites.

The second option would be a personal portfolio. Since most of the artwork I make is digital it shouldn’t be any trouble.

Week 4

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Adobe videos:

Week 3

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Article about speeding up your website through better image optimization

Chapter 1

Adobe Videos

So what happened to weeks 1 & 2? A combination of joining this class late, workload from other classes, and just life.

Hello world!

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In the beginning, there was nothing… well except some words. Welcome to my blog for CAT 274, guess we’re all in this together now.